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6 Fall Clean Up Tips to Get Your Yard Ready for Winter

Fall Clean Up Made Easy After a long summer and beautiful autumn, your yard probably needs some fall clean up to be able to sustain during the winter months. Give your lawn a fresh start next spring with these easy fall clean up tips: Feed your lawn – Refuel and replenish your lawn after the […]

Get Ready for Fall by Aerating Your Lawn

Benefits of Fall Aerating and Seeding Over time, the soil condition of your lawn can become compacted due to normal usage, construction or weather. Aerating your lawn can improve its health and make more efficient usage of water and fertilizer. When fertilizer is applied to the lawn, your grass will absorb the nutrients more readily, which […]

Japanese Beetles: How to Win the Battle

Ways to Combat Japanese Beetles Insects are always the scourge of any garden or plants. Aphids, earwigs, and beetles are those most commonly found in Minnesota. At this point in the season, Japanese beetles are hatching and causing destruction in gardens across the state. For example, Japanese beetles have taken to attacking rose bushes and […]

Proper Watering Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Are You Overwatering Your Lawn? Proper watering is one of the most challenging and misunderstood aspects of lawn maintenance. It is important for supplementing rainfall, washing in certain fertilizers and pesticides, keeping the soil moist for seed germination, and cooling the turf on hot summer days. Proper watering practices have taken on even more significance […]

Bloomington City Code Prohibited Trees

If you are planning to plant trees in the spring or fall and you live in the city of Bloomington you can refer to the regulations for planting trees here. It is against the law in Bloomington, MN to plant any of these trees within city limits: Tree Common Name    Genus Species Ash (all […]

De-Icing Risk Management

  Considering the lack of snow we experienced here in Minneapolis this season, there are still some winter weather hazards we need to remember.  This is especially true with the frequent rise and fall of temperatures that creates  accumulation of ice on sidewalks, stairs and parking lots. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, it […]

Winter Pruning of Shrubs and Small Trees

Winter pruning of shrubs and small trees is a great time to trim certain types of shrubs and trees, especially if you want to trim them back significantly.  Pruning while the plant is dormant is important for most types.  If you trim too early in the fall while the plant is still ‘hardening off’ it […]

Richfield Minnesota City Information

City of Richfield, MN If you want to find out information on the city of Richfield, MN visit the PDFf document below. Their website is complete with contacts for each department and lots of bonus info such as City Council members, a Richfield parks map, annual city events, city codes, schools and community resources. Check […]

Bloomington Minnesota City Census and Information

City of Bloomington, MN The City of Bloomington has a large website containing the calendar of events, Bloomington City Code, City Facilities, park listings, statistics, list of road closures, zoning ordinance, landscaping and screening standards. Also online is the Bloomington Census for 2010 that lists the population of Bloomington, MN at 82,893. Click here for […]