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Boxelder bugs inside homes during winter

Boxelder bugs inside homes during winter Jeffrey Hahn, Extension Entomologist With the recent mild weather we have experienced, some residents have been finding boxelder bugs and lady beetles in their homes. This is actually not unusual in the middle of the winter. These insects remain inactive as long as their hiding places in various wall […]

The dangers of standing ash trees by Jim Walsh Board Certified Master Arborist

In January of 2017 I attended the Northern Green, an annual green industry get together, and it’s Master Classes for tree geeks.  The dangers of standing ash trees falling apart due to heavy infestations of emerald ash borer (EAB), was one of the main themes of the conference.  The effect of EAB, an agrilus beetle, feeding […]

Take advantage of the warm weather and scrape down your parking lot!

Hello Commercial Customers Looks like this coming week will bring the Metro area warmer than usual temperatures. A welcome break indeed! I’m writing to you Commercial customers specifically, to get the word out that our plow crews will be out working this week. These warmer temps will spark a big softening of snow and ice. […]

Have you noticed fall needle loss on Pines and Arborvitae trees?

Are your evergreen trees dying? My Neighbor was asking the other day about her Arborvitae trees turning brown. Turns out it’s probably nothing to worry about. Here is a great video to explain Fall needle loss on your evergreens.