Lawn Aeration & Overseeding

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Is your lawn getting thin, turning brown or developing spots that just don’t look as good as they should? Over time, most soil becomes compacted or hard, and your turf has trouble filling in those thin and browning spots. Drought, disease and insects can also take their toll. If any of this sounds familiar, aeration and overseeding might be just what you need.


Core aeration is one of the most important cultural practices you can provide your lawn. We will aerate your lawn to help control thatch, improve soil structure, help create growth pockets for new roots, and open the way for water and fertilizer to get into your lawns root zone.


Microbial Aeration is new environmentally friendly technology that allows us to relieve your soil compaction without disturbing the surface of your lawn. NO MORE SPRINKLER SYSTEM MARKING OR SOIL PLUGS ON THE LAWN!


Offered as a preventive or curative. Reduces populations of grubs in the soil. NEEDS TO BE WATERED IN IMMEDIATELY to be effective


When lawn renovation is needed, OVERSEEDING can often solve the problem quickly, easily, and with little mess or bother. Our system breaks up existing soil (without the need to haul in truckloads of soil), eliminating the need to strip the existing sod or till the yard.

When is OVERSEEDING needed?

When thatch builds up to over one half inch, it interferes with the healthy growth of your lawn. A thin, slickly lawn is often the result. Older or neglected lawns may become infested with many varieties or unwanted grass that should be removed and replaced. Serious disease or insect damage can also thin a lawn so badly that renovation is the only answer. Lawns that were planted with grasses that require much water may need to be converted to more drought-tolerate types. For all the cases above, OVERSEEDING is one of your best and most economical solutions.


When lawn renovation is needed, Aeration & Overseeding can often solve the problem quickly, easily, and with little mess or bother. Our method involves aerating the lawn 3 times over (triple aerate) followed by overseeding with appropriate seed mix and finishing with application of starter fertilizer.


Parkway Lawn Aeration


Performed in spring or fall, aeration significantly reduces thatch and improves turf growth. Get a Free Estimate today.

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