Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

Today’s lawn soil does not contain enough nutrients for healthy growth. Without proper lawn care fertilizer, turf grasses may be less vigorous, and colorful and may not grow as well.

Using the correct lawn care fertilizer and herbicide (if necessary) can be crucial.  That’s why employing a professional for lawn fertilization or a weed control service company can save you money and heartache in the long run.

It’s important to not just fertilize, but to employ fertilizing lawn care knowledge and best practices for the most effective results.

Parkway Lawn Service is your expert lawn care and fertilizer professional for the Minneapolis, Edina, Eden Prairie, Richfield, and Bloomington, and Minnesota area.

What is lawn care fertilizer?

Fertilizer consists of three primary ingredients: nitrogen, phosphate, and potash, but these are not the only important elements.

Nitrogen is the most important of the three listed above for lawn care fertilizer. Nitrogen is critical for plant proteins, chlorophyll, amino acids, and other parts of your grass.

It improves the color and density of your lawn, but it also stimulates top growth. Too much, or too much of the wrong type of nitrogen, and you may suddenly find yourself in the middle of a lawn mowing frenzy.

If you’re buying your own fertilizer, packages often tend to place a lot of emphasis on the fast growth and deep green color, but this can actually be bad for plant growth and health, stimulating the growth of fungi and taking away from the growth of roots.

With deep lawn fertilization, you’ll also need to know the proper amounts and blend of soluble and insoluble nitrogen as well as performing lawn aeration and possibly de-thatching to get the best penetration.

Phosphorus in soil

In the Twin Cities metro area of Minnesota, phosphorus content in the soil is already high. Because runoff may cause heavy algae growth in wetlands, stream, and lakes, since 2004 it has been illegal to apply fertilizer with phosphorus except in certain, tightly defined circumstance.

Parkway Lawn Service knows what makes your lawn work well, in what combinations, and at what times to apply it.

Holistic Lawn Care

It’s important to also remember that fertilizing and watering your yard are not the only elements of a healthy lawn. Power raking, hand raking, grass cutting, lawn aeration, and de-thatching are just some of the elements that should come into play to help keep your lawn healthy and pristine. Preparing your lawn for the winter and spring through spring and fall cleanups and application of the right fertilizer can have dramatic results for your lawn.

Integrated Pest Management

Parkway Lawn offers Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, is an effective and economical approach to controlling most lawn and landscape pest problems that combines a wide range of proven pest control tactics.

IPM is amore environmentally friendly approach to pest control than traditional “spray everything” methods. Even through IPM does include the careful and targeted use of pesticides; these treatments are applied only when and where insects or diseases have become a problem.

Parkway strives for pest control that is intelligent, efficient, economical and balanced. In addition to using good cultural practice, the basic components include:

  • Prevention
  • Inspection
  • Identification
  • Treatment
  • Evaluation

Because it keeps plants healthier with fewer chemicals, IPM is the most environmentally sound approach to professional pest management.

We provide all of these services and more. We can even help you with snow removal and winter care. Call Parkway Lawn Service today at 612-869-5878 and discover how care-free your lawn can be!

Parkway employees are annually re-certified in lawn care to provide safe fertilizer and nutritional treatments to produce a great-looking, healthy lawn throughout the year.

Parkway uses only dry granular fertilizers. We apply crabgrass pre-emergent treatment in the spring and broadleaf post-emergent as needed throughout the season – guaranteed control of broadleaf weeds to your satisfaction or we’ll re-spray at no charge.

Guarantee applies to four applications per season.

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