Weather in Minnesota can be fickle and weather-related lawn problems are fairly common, but there’s another source for lawn problems that has an even greater impact than the weather. Many of the lawn problems that we see are often caused by simple lack of knowledge and over-enthusiasm. Do you know how much lawn care fertilizer herbicide to use? Are you comfortable with your lawn care trouble shooting skills? Do you know if the weed control product you need should be the professional heavy duty kind or if something a lot lighter will do? Is that bleached patch in your front yard red thread lawn disease, fusarium patch, or over-fertilization?

Too much of one type of fertilizer and not enough of another, too much or too little deep watering or light watering, improper mowing height, build up of thatch; each of these can be a source of lawn problems. That’s why it’s important to use a knowledgeable team to maintain your lawn.

In Minnesota, that team is Parkway Lawn Service. Whether you’re in Minneapolis, Bloomington, Edina, Richfield, or Eden Prairie, we provide knowledgeable, personalized, personable service designed to take the worries out of your lawn.

Lawn Care Weed Control and Other Lawn Problems

When you’re looking for someone to properly care for your lawn through proper mowing, lawn fertilization, and weed control, many service companies take the simple route: They spread a little fertilizer and pesticide or they simply cut your lawn. After that, you’re on your own.

At Parkway Lawn we embrace a more holistic approach. Not only do we cut your grass, apply fertilizer and herbicide, but we can also help educate you on proper watering techniques, identify problem areas and solutions, and help treat those problems and prevent their return.

Lawn Care Fertilizer herbicide combinations are frequently over-applied by many people and can often produce the same lawn problems that you are trying to avoid. Leaf spot and dollar spot are examples of diseases where over-fertilization can be a cause.

Watering can produce similar problems. For instance, some diseases such as leaf spot, stripe smut, and red thread lawn disease are encouraged by frequent light watering while others, such as necrotic ring spot, are best treated by frequent light watering. Both over watering and under watering are frequent sources of problems.

Worry-Free High-Quality Lawn Care

With all these problems with diseases, lawn fertilization, and weed control, it’s no wonder that finding the right service company can be a relief. At Parkway Lawn, our goal is to deliver a worry-free high-quality lawn right to your front door.

Just as with your car, it’s often the things you don’t know that can cause the biggest problems. And just as with your car, it makes sense to place your lawn on a scheduled maintenance plan to ensure a high-performance lawn that will be the envy of your neighbors and something you can be proud of.

At Parkway Lawn Service, our trained staff can do the things necessary to keep your lawn in balance, finely tuned and in perfect condition. Now you can be confident that when visitors come by, when children and animals play, and when people pass by, you have a lawn that they can enjoy.

Call us today at 612-869-5878 and discover how carefree your lawn can be!

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