At Parkway Lawn Service our clients come first, an outlook that connects with people. That connection is shown in the many testimonials for our lawn care services that we have received, a sampling of which is shown here. We appreciate you taking the time to write to us and we’ll continue to do our best for you!

Do you have a story you’d like to tell us about your experience with us? Please let us know!

“Beautiful Work, Dependable, Reliable, Like-Clockwork Service – I was VERY impressed with the service Parkway Lawn Service provided me over this past year. I originally hired Parkway to do my mulch and garden beds, bushes trimming, fall cleanup and everything looked so great! Next, I hired them for the winter-lucky for me-because the winter was so horrendous- and that was when I became REALLY impressed- Bob sent a snow alert email with each storm to let us know what to expect for when we would be plowed out. Once, I got plowed in by the street plow just after the guys got done. I called, and they were there within an hour to clean up the end of the driveway. This Spring, they did the clean up and now are mowing again, and my neighbor complimented my yard this year. He even asked if I was getting ready to move because the yard looks to good! THANK YOU to all the workers who take such good care of me!”

Tracy B- Minneapolis 🙂

“We are so happy with your services. We have tried other services over the years, and even with our dry summer, our lawn has never looked this good in July. Also, appreciate working with your employees, they have been helpful, and also knowledgeable.”

Roger, Stevens Ave, Richfield

“Many thanks to you and the Parkway Lawn employees who put the final touches on John’s party by immaculately grooming the yard on such short notice. I really appreciate it!”

Judy, Mpls.

“Let me take a moment here to thank you for the excellent service I have received from you all summer. Thanks again!”

Phyllis, Mpls.

“Thank you so much. My yard looks great!”

Anne, Richfield.

“The gentleman who did the trimming is an excellent employee for you. He did a very good job, very efficient.”

Bob, Mpls.

“To whom it may concern, I highly recommend Parkway Lawn Service who has had complete charge of my yard for about two years. They have been exceedingly nice, cooperative, and I have found it a pleasure to work with them.”

Felix, Mpls

“Please keep me on your list for lawn edging! Thanks! Love the service – the yard looks so nice.”

Jennie, Richfield.

“Thank you for the great job you did. Our lawn looks great. See you next year.”

Ed, Mpls.

“Thanks for the good service. I would like the same next year. My lawn was beautiful!”

Arda, Richfield.

“Received many compliments about the appearance of our lawn – Thanks to you!”

Mary, Bloomington.

“Your representative was very thorough and efficient when I mentioned my concern about the amount of creeping charlie I had and the results were excellent. Many thanks!”

Bob, Fremont Ave., S, Richfield

“My lawn has never looked better. Thank you!”

Steve & Karen, 15th Ave., S, Minneapolis

“Thanks – you are doing a good job! It looks great!”

Ardelle, W 55th St., Edina

“A neighbor told me my lawn was the best-looking on the block!! The service has been consistently very good in all aspects.”

Mrs. C.E.,Clinton Ave S, Minneapolis

“Outstanding! Excellent job. Thank you.”

Marc, Wayzata

[Our] “yard looks tremendous from the work you are giving it. Many neighbors have commented on how great it looks.”

Francis, Villa Way, Edina

“Wow, they did an excellent job. The lawn edging makes a world of difference in the appearance of the lawn.”

Margret, 14th Ave S, Minneapolis

“You have been providing me with lawn service since Spring and I want to tell you how satisfied I am with the service you have provided me and the quality of the men who come weekly to tend to my lawn. My lawn has never looked better, and the men who cut and trim, fertilize the lawn and do my Fall and Spring cleanup are extremely dependable and conscientious. I look forward to having you care for my lawn next year. Thank you.”

Michael, Logan Ave S, Minneapolis

“Wonderful service, as usual.”

Katharine, Circle West, Edina

“They do a very good job.”

G.M., Penn Ave S, Richfield

“I hope you know how pleased I am to sign this snow removal contract with your company. Your response to my requests for both summer and winter service has always been courteous and prompt. I really appreciate that. The workers you send are the best I’ve had contact with and I know they are rewarded and commended by you.

“I am enclosing a check for my November bill. Thank you for providing services for both summer and winter services!


Mary Jane, a very grateful client”

“I think you folks do a good job! Thanks.”


“Nate and his crew have done a great job cutting my lawn this summer. Thank you to them & you.”

Luverne, Natchez, Edina

“Fantastic, giving people, great work – Parkway Lawn service has been plowing my drive and mowing my lawn for 10 month now, and they are kind, professional, thorough, and dependable.

I should mention, they are doing this work pro bono for me while my husband serves in Iraq, so I feel particularly indebted to their kindness and generosity.”

kernst via Citysearch