Over Seeding


When lawn renovation is needed, slice seeding can often solve the problem quickly, easily, and with little mess or bother. Our system slices through the sod and plants new seed directly into the soil, eliminating the need to strip the existing sod or till the yard.

When is slice seeding needed?

When thatch builds up to over one half inch, it interferes with the healthy growth of your lawn. A thin, slickly lawn is often the result. Older or neglected lawns may become infested with many varieties or unwanted grass that should be removed and replaced. Serious disease or insect damage can also thin a lawn so badly that renovation is the only answer. Lawns that were planted with grasses that require much water may need to be converted to more drought-tolerate types. For all the cases above, slice seeding is one of your best and most economical solutions.

How slice seeding works

A slice seeder is made up of three basic parts:

  1. Slicing knives that cut through the thatch and into the soil, creating furrows and mixing soil with the thatch
  2. Seed tubes that place the seed into the prepared furrows
  3. Disks or rollers that close the soil over the seed

Slice seeding provides proper seed-to-soil contact and results in much better germination and growth rates than seed that is broadcast or spread by hand. Give us a call if you’d like more information on our lawn renewal programs and services.  Get a Free Estimate today.

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