6 Fall Clean Up Tips to Get Your Yard Ready for Winter

Fall Clean Up Made Easy


After a long summer and beautiful autumn, your yard probably needs some fall clean up to be able to sustain during the winter months. Give your lawn a fresh start next spring with these easy fall clean up tips:

  1. Feed your lawn – Refuel and replenish your lawn after the summer heat. Fall fertilizing will help maintain root health and replenish nutrients that were expended throughout the summer. Do this process in the first few weeks of October.
  2. Keep watering – Plants are still thirsty and watering early in the day will help prevent evaporation.
  3. Plants – Divide your perennials if they are overcrowded. Separate the root ball and replant them. Plant your fall bulbs to enjoy them early in the spring. Crocus, daffodils and tulips are best if the bulbs are planted after the first snow fall so that they stay cool.
  4. Pick up leaves – Save time gardening and raking in the spring by getting rid of leaves and sticks now. This also helps prevent the heavy and wet foliage from suffocating your lawn. Don’t forget to clean the leaves out of your gutters as well!
  5. Mow low – The last mow of the season is important. Cut your grass low since you won’t be able to cut it throughout winter.
  6. Clean up – Wash and store your lawn equipment and patio furniture in a safe place as you won’t be needing it for a while. Bring out the snow shovels and snowblowers so you are ready for the first snow fall.


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