The dangers of standing ash trees by Jim Walsh Board Certified Master Arborist

In January of 2017 I attended the Northern Green, an annual green industry get together, and it’s Master Classes for tree geeks.  The dangers of standing ash trees falling apart due to heavy emerald-ash-borerinfestations of emerald ash borer (EAB), was one of the main themes of the conference.  The effect of EAB, an agrilus beetle, feeding on ash tree stability is different from the damage done by other types of agrilus beetles such as two lined chestnut borer on oaks and bronze birch borer on birch.  In short, EAB killed ash are less stable and become safety hazards faster than trees killed in most other ways.  If you are not treating your green ash consider removal before it becomes a liability, ruining the enjoyment of your yard.  Make a plan to deal with your green ash early, before you have a major safety hazard in your yard. Hundreds of millions of ash have already died due to emerald ash borer mostly in states east and south of Minnesota as well as in Canada.  EAB is in Minnesota and is just beginning it’s lethal feast on Minnesota’s estimated 900 million ash trees.



Jim Walsh Board Certified Master Arborist

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