Get Ready for Fall by Aerating Your Lawn

Benefits of Fall Aerating and Seeding

Fall Aeration & Overseed
Fall Aeration & Overseed

Over time, the soil condition of your lawn can become compacted due to normal usage, construction or weather. Aerating your lawn can improve its health and make more efficient usage of water and fertilizer. When fertilizer is applied to the lawn, your grass will absorb the nutrients more readily, which improves the health of your lawn. Here are some benefits of fall aerating and seeding:

  • Water and fertilizer is used more efficiently by the lawn
  • Grass roots grow deeper, resulting in healthier and thicker grass
  • The soil impaction is reduced
  • Improves lawn health and appearance
  • Lawns can withstand more activity

In addition to aeration, be sure to seed, called overseeding. Post-aeration seeding will do many great things for your lawn. Your grass will be enhanced and beautiful by taking advantage of the aeration process. The seeds will rapidly fill in bare spots and thicken the existing turf.

When is the best time to aerate your lawn? Right now! The early spring and fall seasons are the best times to aerate, and when it gets heavy use from kids and pets playing. Also, after newly constructed houses and if you notice your lawn dries out easily and feels spongy.

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