Last nights snowfall did not reach our trigger depth, however…

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving weekend,

Last night’s snowfall did not reach our trigger depth of 1.5 inches. We will not be out shoveling or plowing today

We are however, available today – or anytime for an “on call service request” for snows less then 1.5 inches. There is no charge for this service visit as long as we are out (15) times or less, during the course of the season. This is based on an average snowfall year.

If Parkway exceeds (15) or more visits for the snow season, then there will be an end of season adjustment to your final invoice.  An additional charge of 1/4 to of your monthly rate will be added to only those requested  “on call service visits” – that are less then 1.5″ inches of snow.  Naturally, your snow service contract covers you for an unlimited number of visits that meet the 1.5″ inches of snow at your regular monthly rate.

The “Snowfall Hot line” number is: 612-217-2466. This is most direct way to contact us during and immediately after a snow event. Messages will be forwarded out to my cell phone where they will be closely monitored.

 Thank you,
     Bob Kroth, Owner
     Certified Turfgrass Professional
     Parkway Lawn Service (612) 869-5878

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