SNOW ALERT 2-11-13 9:50AM – Residential routes – Return visit and cleanup as required …

WEATHER STATEMENT: This Snowfall has pretty much stopped at this time. There may be lingering flurries throughout the day.

PLAN OF ACTION: We will make a return visit today to those properties that require attention. (*Note – The last jobs that were completed Sunday night should not require a return visit.)
We will be removing any loose snow that has fallen since our visit last night. Please keep in mind that we received rain, sleet and snow – and there is a shield of snow-ice adhered to most surfaces. We will not be able to remove this icy accumulation down to the pavement on today’s visit. If you want us to apply ice melt and return later this week to try scraping the ice, please let us know.

START TIME: Crews started at 9:30 am


Avoid slips and falls on your property, show due diligence by using Parkway Lawn Service to apply salt – de-icing product to your walks and driveway.

The “Snowfall Hot line” number is:(612) 562-6229. This is most direct way to contact us during and immediately after a snow event. Messages will be forwarded out to my cell phone where they will be closely monitored.

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