SNOW ALERT St Valentine’s Day 7:30am

Good morning and Happy St Valentines Day,


WEATHER STATEMENT: We received around a 1.5 inches of snow overnight. Enjoy the beauty of snow clinging to the trees!

PLAN OF ACTION: Crews will run through all there jobs.


ESTIMATED TO TO COMPLETE ALL WORK: 6 to 8 hours or 12pm to 2pm

Avoid slips and falls on your property, show due diligence by using Parkway Lawn Service to apply salt – de-icing product to your walks and driveway.

The “Snowfall Hot line” number is:(612) 562-6229. This is most direct way to contact us during and immediately after a snow event. Messages will be forwarded out to my cell phone where they will be closely monitored.

Recommended Links: National Weather Service Minneapolis     Weather Story    Weather Channel Interactive Radar Weather Map

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