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Japanese Beetles: How to Win the Battle

Ways to Combat Japanese Beetles Insects are always the scourge of any garden or plants. Aphids, earwigs, and beetles are those most commonly found in Minnesota. At this point in the season, Japanese beetles are hatching and causing destruction in gardens across the state. For example, Japanese beetles have taken to attacking rose bushes and […]

Emerald Ash Borer Identified in Minneapolis and St. Paul

The emerald ash borer was identified in St Paul, Minneapolis, and in the neighborhoods of Shoreview, and Falcon Heights this summer. Do you have ash trees on your property? Are they affected by emerald ash borer? If you do not know what an emerald ash borer looks like, visit the University of Minnesota’s emerald ash […]

Top 10 Noxious Weed List in Minnesota

A noxious weed, according to Minnesota law, is an annual, biennial, or perennial which is deemed by the Commissioner of Agriculture to be injurious to public health, public roads, environment, crops, livestock, and other property. In Minnesota, there are ten weeds on the primary noxious weeds list. They are: Field Bindweed Hemp Poison Ivy Purple […]