De-Icing Risk Management


Considering the lack of snow we experienced here in Minneapolis this season, there are still some winter weather hazards we need to remember.  This is especially true with the frequent rise and fall of temperatures that creates  accumulation of ice on sidewalks, stairs and parking lots.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep those areas safe for those who want to enter your business, walk down the sidewalk in front of your house, or deliver your mail.  Anytime we have melt during the day and sub-freezing temps at night, it can create potential slippery conditions in the morning.  This dangerous situation can be dealt with using de-icing materials – mostly in the form of salt.

Parkway Lawn Service De-Icing Risk Management has customers who contract with us for regular de-icing applications when these potentially hazardous conditions exist.  As weather warrants, we will apply de-icing materials to the sidewalks, steps and driveways of  homes and businesses to help with ice melt. This process can help reduce your liability for accidents and create conditions that are safer for you, your families and customers. A quote from one of our customers, who had been previously sued over someone who slipped and was injured in their parking lot, said it best when stated “It’s cheap insurance,” (describing the de-icing service that we do frequently for them).

We completed industry coursework  ‘Voluntary Environmental Certification – Snow and Ice Control Best Practices’.  This course  certificate was sponsored by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  This updates us with the latest regulations that concern effects on the environment.

Whether you do it yourself, or want Parkway Lawn Service to do the de-icing service for you – keep in mind the danger of injury to your families, customers and others when icy, wintry conditions are present.