Winter Pruning of Shrubs and Small Trees

Winter pruning of shrubs and small trees is a great time to trim certain types of shrubs and trees, especially if you want to trim them back significantly.  Pruning while the plant is dormant is important for most types.  If you trim too early in the fall while the plant is still ‘hardening off’ it may possibly damage the plant.  Trimming too late in the winter could leave fresh wounds exposed and the plant will not have enough time to seal themselves before Spring and new growth starts.  Generally February and March are the best months to do this in Minnesota.  Another advantage of dormant pruning is the branch structure is very easy to see due to the fact you do not have any leaves blocking your view.

Parkway Lawn Service has an experienced trimming crew that will determine proper timing and techniques for specific plants.  Contact us to set up a consultation today.  If you would prefer to tackle the project yourself, here is a great article from the University of Minnesota if you would like to learn more: