By Bob Kroth,  Certified Turfgrass Professional

This is one of the most common questions I’ve been asked during the   (29) + years in the lawn care business.

Many people have called and asked my opinion on the use of a sod roller, aerator or a detaching machine to rid their lawns of the bumps that seem to be nuisance.

The truth about most yards is that they ARE bumpy and uneven.  It is a common trait of nature with respect to tree roots, worms or other inconsistent qualities of soil under the turf.

To start, a normal lawn sod roller would not be heavy enough to flatten out any bumps in your yard.  You would probably need to thoroughly saturate the lawn with water before attempting to roll it flat with any kind of heavy duty roller. One thing you don’t want is compacted soil.  It inhibits the roots of the grass plants.

Using an aerator has benefits and may loosen the soil, but it won’t do anything to get rid of the bumps or unevenness you might have.

The last idea is using a power rake or detaching machine – this probably stands the best chance of making a dent against very light bumps you might have in your turf.  Still, I have doubts that this would make a significant difference in the appearance or leveling of your yard.

The only sure way to get rid of bumps or un-evenness in your lawn is to first, cut out the existing turf, second, re-grade the yard, and lastly either sod or seed your lawn.

If Parkway Lawn Service can help you address issues you may have with regard to leveling the bumps in your yard – we are ready to help.