Don’t Do Spring Yard Work Too Early

Spring officially arrives this year on March 20th, but with our recent unseasonably warm weather, it’s tempting to want to spend a little time outside doing spring yard work. I urge you to hold off. Why? Because until the earth thaws and dries completely, footsteps and raking can damage turf and topsoil.

Your footprints may compact soil, preventing air and moisture from penetrating the soil just as it’s beginning to “wake up” from its long winter dormancy.

The same principle that makes weeds easier to pull after rainfall or watering also makes it possible for a rake’s tines to pull grass out by its roots. Try to resist raking until your lawn is completely dry. Instead, spend time outdoors visiting with neighbors or planning your garden!

And please, don’t forget that our lawn care professionals can help you with all your lawn-care and renovation chores. We’re happy to provide a prompt free estimate; just call or email us today.