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Wait! It’s Still Too Early for Lawn Care!


Use This Handy Sustainable Lawn Care Calendar This has been an unusual winter for Minnesota – very little snow and unusually mild temperatures. We’ve already enjoyed a couple weekends with temperatures in the 60s and everyone is looking forward to spending more time outside. But as much as you may be itching to get out […]

Damage from bird seed

Damage from bird seed Feeding wild birds can be done throughout the year, although it’s especially important during the winter months. Whether or not you continue to feed the birds during the summer, it’s still wise to clean the area under the bird feeder. Compacted seeds and shells can prevent grass from receiving the essential […]

Don’t Do Spring Yard Work Too Early

Spring officially arrives this year on March 20th, but with our recent unseasonably warm weather, it’s tempting to want to spend a little time outside doing spring yard work. I urge you to hold off. Why? Because until the earth thaws and dries completely, footsteps and raking can damage turf and topsoil. Your footprints may […]