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Wait! It’s Still Too Early for Lawn Care!


Use This Handy Sustainable Lawn Care Calendar This has been an unusual winter for Minnesota – very little snow and unusually mild temperatures. We’ve already enjoyed a couple weekends with temperatures in the 60s and everyone is looking forward to spending more time outside. But as much as you may be itching to get out […]

Damage from bird seed

Damage from bird seed Feeding wild birds can be done throughout the year, although it’s especially important during the winter months. Whether or not you continue to feed the birds during the summer, it’s still wise to clean the area under the bird feeder. Compacted seeds and shells can prevent grass from receiving the essential […]

Pet Damage Over Winter

Damage from pets After the snow melts, it’s easy to see what damage has been caused by pets “doing business” in the yard. It’s important to pick up feces that contain bacteria that can remain on the lawn or drain with water runoff into streams and lakes. The acid in pet urine burns the grass, […]