Get Your Lawn Minnesota Winter Ready in 10 Steps

frosty lawn

frosty lawn

It’s official – Minnesota winter is right around the corner. Before the snow starts falling, make sure your yard is ready to weather to foul weather all season.

1. Rake All Leaves

Any stray leaves left through winter will suffocate your lawn and can invite in disease. Now that the leaves are mostly done falling, it’s time for one more clean-up.

2. Check Gutters

Now is the perfect time to make sure your gutters are properly fastened to your house, so the weight of snow doesn’t tear them away. Clean gutters before winter starts and make sure downspouts extend away from your house by five feet or more.

3. Clean Patio

Leftover leaves can pose serious damage to your patio. Do one final sweep and apply a protective finish to help your deck guard against winter damage.

4. Shut off Outdoor Faucets & Remove Hoses

Drain water from all outdoor pipes, valves and sprinklers before shutting them off to prevent burst pipes. Bring in the garden hose for the winter so it doesn’t crack or become damaged.

5. Prune Shrubs and Trim Trees

Before the weight off winter snow pulls down a loose branch, take a proactive approach by trimming your trees and pruning your shrubs. 

6. Wrap Young Trees

If you have any young trees in your yard, help them flourish come spring by wrapping them in burlap this winter to protect them.

7. One Final Mow

Before the ground finally freezes, continue to mow your lawn as usual to promote growth. 

8. Repair Bare Spots

Now is the time to fix a patchy lawn. Treat any bare spots before winter hits to give your lawn the best shot come springtime.

 9. Aerate and Reseed

If you haven’t already aerated your lawn for the season, there’s still time to get it done. Aerating and reseeding your lawn now will promote growth.

10. Enjoy Some Apple Cider

After all that hard work, reward yourself with a fresh, hot cup of cider.  

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