How to Smooth a Bumpy Lawn

house with bumpy lawn

house with bumpy lawn

Dreaming of a smooth lawn? If your lawn is riddled with bumps, dips and holes don’t despair – you can still have the lawn of your dreams. Lawn Savers pinpoints some of the common causes of bumpy lawns and how to fix them.

What Causes a Bumpy Lawn?

Uneven lawns can be caused my many things, such as:

  • Frozen, dense soil that thaws unevenly in the spring
  • Pets and pests that dig holes
  • Children who dig holes or play heavily
  • Walking on lawns that are too soft, usually in the early spring or after it rains
  • Equipment that is used incorrectly, causing holes or other damage

How Can I Fix a Bumpy Lawn?

Fixing your lawn might take some work, but with a little effort your lawn will be back in shape in no time. For depressions less than an inch deep, gradually sprinkle them with top soil (compost-based soil works best). If depressions that are an inch deep or more, remove the top layer of soil to correct the sinking and fill it back with new, healthy soil. Add a little extra to allow for some settling. Be sure to remove any pests or objects that are causing the damage prior to any repairs.

Keep your lawn smooth by:

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