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Seasonal activities to care for your lawn

How often should mulch be replaced?

Spring and fall are perfect times to check and see if your mulch needs replenishing. Mulch depth should be maintained at 2 – 3 inches thick. When maintaining mulch be sure you use the same kind of mulch that you already have down or it will look patchy or layered. If using a new kind […]

Prepare Roses for Winter

During the last week of August you should have stopped pruning and feeding your roses to discourage growth. Roses need a little help getting ready for winter because they want to keep on growing and flowering if you encourage them. Leave the last flowers on the rose. This will convince it, as the flowers turn into […]

My Lawn Is Not Level

Even when properly graded to start out, lawns often become bumpy, uneven and not level due to earthworms, heavy thatch areas, and weathering in general. Parkway Lawn Service uses a power rake to help level out those areas. Thatch is an area where organic matter such as leaves, twigs, mosses and dead grass and roots […]

What is Aeration?

Lawn Aeration is a service where small plugs are pulled from your lawn to allow air, water and nutrients to get to the roots of your grass. If your lawn is looking thin or brown it may be because of a thick thatch build up. Overly compacted soil does not absorb water and nutrients as […]

Fertilizing Your Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn should be done 3-4 times a year. The best times to fertilize your lawn are in May around Memorial Day, the first week of July and near Labor Day. Most homeowners have varied results when fertilizing their lawns and end up with light green spots, dark green spots or stripes in their […]

Wet Summer 2011 Minneapolis

The summer of 2011 was a very wet summer in Minneapolis, MN.  The rain and damp soil helped the grass and the flowers stay beautiful all summer. The wet summer allowed many other things around your yard to flourish such as weeds, mold, and crab grass. Mold can also be encouraged by wet and humid conditions. […]

Watering Tips

Watering Tips To maintain a healthy, green lawn throughout the growing season, irrigation is sometimes necessary. The average lawn needs one inch of rain or irrigated water per week. If watering your lawn is necessary, one deep soaking is much better than several sprinkles. Watering your lawn is best done in the morning. Watering in […]

Lawn Mushrooms

Lawn Mushrooms   Photo 1: Newly emerging lawn mushrooms. Bob Mugaas Bob Mugaas, University of Minnesota Extension Educator With some areas of the state receiving moderate to heavy amounts of rainfall over the past couple of weeks, mushrooms are beginning to randomly appear in lawns. Their appearance often causes people to be concerned about the […]

What is Grasscycling?

What is grasscycling? The term “grasscycling” is the blend of two words that, since at least 1990, has described the practice of leaving clippings on the lawn when mowing. Grass clippings will quickly decompose, returning valuable nutrients to the soil. Grasscycling saves time and money, and it protects the environment. Mowing time is reduced because […]