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Snowstorm 5th Largest on Record

Blizzard of December 10-11, 2010*

This blizzard will be remembered as the one that deflated the dome in the 21st century. At 17.1 inches it was the largest snowstorm on record for December, and the fifth largest in the Twin Cities going back to 1891. This was an enormous storm and blanketed central and southern Minnesota with 4 to 12 inches of snow. The Twin Cities International Airport reported heavy snow with a quarter of a mile visibility or less for five hours straight from 9am to 2pm on the 11th and was closed for four hours with this storm. Due to the fairly high water content of the snow, it was difficult to shovel and move.

*Top Five Weather Events of 2010 in Minnesota

As chosen by State Climatology Office – DNR Division of Ecological & Water Resources University of Minnesota

Snow Service Customers

We thank all of our customers for your patience and calls during this record month of snowfall.  We received many kind words along the way as plowing crews tried to keep up or ahead of the snowfalls, the city plows and the wind.

If every service visit was not perfect – please accept our apologies. Heavy and drifting snow made for the worst snow conditions we have seen since the Halloween storm of 1991.



Parkway trucks are ready for snow service!


Before the snow plow arrives…

In order for us to provide faster and more efficient snow-plowing to our winter service customers, we ask a few things of you when a snowstorm occurs:

  1. Check your e-mail for a snow alert

message with plow service schedules.

  1. Leave your outdoor lights on.
  1. Park vehicles in your garage or as far away from driveways as possible.
  1. Commercial, Condo & Apartment clients please have your parking lots and driveways cleared of as many vehicles as possible.


Residential Snow Service Contracts

SCHEDULING: The following information will help you understand the snow removal process and times needed to complete the clearing of snow. We generally start snow removal operations about the time the snowfall is ending, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

1.5 to 4 inches approximate time to complete ALL snow removal is 8-12 hours.

4 to 6 inches approximate time to complete ALL snow removal is 12 to 15 hours.

6 to 8 inches approximate time to complete ALL snow removal is 15 to 18 hours.

8 to 12 inches approximate time to complete ALL snow removal is 24 hours.

Over 12 inches AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

If the snowfalls are steady and heavy – requiring us to plow a 2nd or 3rd time, there may be 24 hours between visits. Keep in mind that with continuous snow falling and drifting, our initial plowing may be covered up with several inches of snow. This can make it appear as if we have not plowed yet.


Sign up for Snow Service Alerts!

If you would like an e-mail message sent to you with winter service updates, please email us at info@parkwaylawn.com. Once we have your e-mail address we can provide you with updates on our service schedule as we monitor the progress of on coming winter snow storms.

Snow service updates provide you with the following information.

If and when we will be plowing.

Expected snow fall amounts.

Start time for plowing operations.

Expected finish time of all snow plowing.


Ice Melting

Parkway Lawn Service has ice melting products that we can apply to your walks and driveway, and parking lots after we shovel and plow. We use deicing products made from Calcium and Magnesium Chloride to melt ice even at very low temperatures and are safe for plants and carpet. Call us to find out more about how to make your walks and driveway safer for you and your guests. (612) 869-5878

Roof Ice = dangerous “Ice Dams”

Roof Raking and Ice Removal…
Snow is rough, but ice is dangerous. Take a good look up at your roofline next time you venture out to see if icicles are forming.

Parkway Lawn Service has partnered with Minnehaha Gutter Cleaning to help take care of roof ice and roof snow raking.
Parkway Lawn Service handles one story homes of snow raking – while our partner company is available for snow/ice service on any 2nd story and larger homes and most commercial buildings of snow and ice removal.
Snow Hauling or Snow Removal
Parkway Lawn Service is available for moving large piles of snow and re-stacking it on your property – if space permits, or hauling it away to a different location. We contract with heavy equipment operators to pack and move out larger snow piles from properties with essential parking areas and space or property line limits.


Please call to schedule

Special Snow Service Requests,

Roof Snow Raking & Ice Removal

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