To our many loyal customers, our sincere thanks to all of you for enduring the hardships of the record setting Winter of 2010-11.  Many challenges were faced by the plow drivers and our customers this winter, with the heavy steady snowfalls.

Minnesotans are truly a hardy bunch – especially those of us who did not or could not depart for warmer temps this winter. Once again, our thanks to you for your kind words from phone calls to notes on our snow service.


This is the second winter we used “SNOW ALERTS” to our e-mail customers.  Our weather forecasting services keep us one step ahead of oncoming snowstorms. This timely information allows us to forward YOU a predicted time of our snow-plow service arrival. In addition we mention snowfall amounts and duration of the storms.

Our free, e-mail subscription to this service more than doubled with this wild season of over 80”of snow. If you missed out on the “SNOW ALERTS” e-mail message service this year, please do so for next season by contacting us at: