Snow Molds Will be Abundant This Spring

When the snow finally melts in your yard, there is a very good chance you will notice some rather unsightly fungus emerging. Grey Snow Mold and Pink Snow Mold are the common names for this growth.

The reason these fungi are so prevalent this spring is that ideal fungus conditions were set up last November.  Our first measurable snow left us with about 4 inches of heavy wet snow on top of unfrozen ground – this creates a textbook condition for turf mold diseases to incubate.

So now what?  The good news is there’s not much to worry about.  These turf diseases – especially Grey Snow Mold, rarely cause serious turf damage.  Simply let the ground dry out and rake the grass.

As the ground temperatures rise to above 45°any further growth activity with Grey Snow Mold will stop, Pink Snow Mold may continue growing until ground temperatures reach 60°or the grass dries out.

Keeping your lawn raked up and cleaned of leaves in the fall, and keeping the grass cut short can help minimize these conditions in the future.

Snow mold on putting greens
Snow mold on home lawn
Wide angle view of Gray Snow Mold